I wasn’t planning to write this book until I understood all of the travels I was guided to go on, the reasons for same, and the events they describe. I’m still not at a point in my life where I am able to do that. However, since I’d finally typed up the beginnings of the adventures, the trips I had made so far, I have decided to release the story as it is.

Understanding will come eventually. It will come as part of the continuation of the same story, and will simply add another chapter to the series of pages recording the roads less travelled, and where they can lead one to.

Usually in the book, I am recounting the handwritten journal I kept at the time, to create and stay in the mood of the experience. However, it is now over a decade and a half years since that time, and many things have changed. I have added notes in some chapters, and in between, regarding recent events, or things I have learned in the time since then.

I have included the verses from the Bible because a friend had insisted I read some of it before dismissing it, as most people in this day and age tend to do. I admit to only reading a few bits, before I skipped to Revelations. It explained the feelings that a judgement day was drawing near, and the end of the world would be plunged into chaos as it occurred.

After reading Revelations, I had a vision of a man on a stone throne. He had a beard, and looked angry. I had never believed in a vengeful God before. I was a new ager, there was only love, light and an infinite universe.

A little angel appeared beside my face for a moment and then flew into my ear. I became a Herald of the Lord, something that modern day western society does not readily accept.

I am a winged messenger, who has come not from heaven, but from the stars themselves, and from a forgotten history, with a story to tell … to anyone who wants to believe.

I hope you enjoy sharing my journey.

Tracey Burt



This is the End

Of the Beginning

and is the Now.

The time of new Beginnings

new Endings, and

the most amazing Truths.

The time in which Dreams come true

The Time of the Dreaming